17th Reintegration Puzzle Conference

Rydges World Square, Sydney
19th-21st June 2024

Stepping Up

Marisha Gerovich

Lived Experience Engagement Co Ordinator
Community Legal WA

Marisha Gerovich   is a dedicated Lived Experience advocate with a focus on mental health and the legal system particularly emphasizing the importance of Lived Experience expertise in shaping service delivery and policy making.

In her current role as inaugural Lived Experience Engagement Co Ordinator for Community Legal WA, the peak body for community legal services in WA, Marisha works to meaningfully include the voices of those with lived experience in the organization’s practices.  This role is crucial for ensuring that client perspectives are considered in the design and delivery of community legal services, starting with building the organization’s capacity.

Marisha advocates for the inclusion of Lived Experience (Peer) work roles in agencies to improve service experience and delivery. She facilitates Family/Carers programs across mental health and also works in the alcohol and other drug sector Marisha’s approach recognises the value of peer support and the unique insights and expertise it provides as part of Lived Experience (Peer) work

Marisha recently presented her lived experience and expertise on the transition from imprisonment to the community to the WA Mental Health Advisory Council, where she highlighted the challenges and barriers faced by individuals, particularly women, mothers with dependent children and young people.

Marisha is a graduate of Curtin University’s Lived Experience Educator program and holds a Certificate IV in Mental Health peer work. She is the Lived Experience Co-Chair for the Legal Assistance Sector Trauma Informed Community of Practice with NSW Legal Aid and is also a member of   a variety of Forensic mental health boards and committees.

Marisha supports the development of Peer support and Lived Experience (Peer) worker roles across all sectors and promotes training programs which can create employment pathways for people returning to community from prison.

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