17th Reintegration Puzzle Conference

Rydges World Square, Sydney
19th-21st June 2024

Stepping Up

Mounty Yarns

“Mounty Yarns are our stories, Aboriginal young people from Mt Druitt (Mounty), with lived experience of the criminal justice system. We have gathered stories, expertise and knowledge from Aboriginal young people about the impact the criminal justice system has on our community and what we want to see change.

These stories show the challenges of growing up in Mt Druitt, which contribute to the overrepresentation of Aboriginal young people in the criminal justice system, and show the lack of youth voice in decision making.” – Terleaha Williams and Isaiah Sines

Mounty Yarns is a youth-led project that gathers the stories, expertise, and knowledge by and with Aboriginal young people with lived experience of the criminal justice system and the impact it has on them and their families. Mounty Yarns reflects the experiences, strengths and resilience of young Aboriginal people living in Mt Druitt and the changes and solutions they want to see in order to create a better future for their families and communities. These stories have been captured in the Mounty Yarns film and a written resource. Young people from Mounty Yarns will talk about their experience in the initiative and its impact on themselves and other young people in the Mt Druitt area.

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