17th Reintegration Puzzle Conference

Rydges World Square, Sydney
19th-21st June 2024

Stepping Up

Brodie Germaine

Brodie Germaine Fitness

Brodie Germaine, a proud Pitta Pitta & Wakaya man, has profoundly impacted his community in Mount Isa, situated on Kalkadoon country. With a life deeply rooted in the cultural and social fabric of his Indigenous heritage, Brodie has dedicated his career to fostering well-being, education, and employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth. Born and raised in this vibrant community, his journey from a young boy in Mount Isa to a respected community leader and entrepreneur is a testament to his resilience, passion, and commitment to his people.

Brodie’s educational journey took him to Ignatius Park College in Townsville, where he honed his skills and interests, particularly in sports. However, his true calling lay in giving back to his community, leading him back to Mount Isa. His professional life began with significant roles in the Aboriginal medical service sector, eventually steering towards his passion for physical health and cultural education. This transition marked the inception of Brodie Germaine Fitness, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at integrating physical wellness with cultural awareness and preservation.

Brodie Germaine Fitness offers Indigenous young people pathways to connect with their heritage, land, and community through physical activity, cultural camps, and educational programs. He actively participates in dialogues and programs that target youth engagement, cultural exchange, and cross-community understanding, focusing on holistic well-being that combines physical health with cultural and spiritual enrichment.

Brodie’s dedication to his community’s well-being and cultural integrity makes him a beacon of hope and progress in the Indigenous and wider Australian society.

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