17th Reintegration Puzzle Conference

Rydges World Square, Sydney
19th-21st June 2024

Stepping Up

Mr Jacob Little

About Time for Justice

Jacob Little is the Co-Founder at About Time For Justice (ATFJ). ATFJ works heavily within the prison system, helping survivors of institutional child abuse to start healing, seek justice and possible compensation. Jacob has lived experience in these areas. Jacob has recently started talks about getting into the Non-for-profit space. The team starting the About Time For Justice Foundation which will charity status. Jacob plans to work in the youth justice space, reintegration and counselling. Jacob grew up in a housing commission estate, and a lot of domestic violence and drinking characterised that. At age 10, his dad was taken away to serve a 16-and-a-half-year sentence. Later, Jacob was charged and looked at facing 20 years in the prison system under the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Law (VLAD). Luckily, his charges were dropped, he only served one year in the Queensland prison system. Part of his sentence was spent in solitary confinement for his gang associations. Jacob has turned his life around. He is studying at the University of New England to become a lawyer with the ambition of starting his own law firm. Outside of study, he spends time in the gym, running and staying active. Jacob completed his first marathon last year and is backing it up this year. Jacob is involved in mentoring programs for young people and wants to help others who the system has poorly treated. After many negative experiences with lawyers and the legal system, Jacob aims to give others a positive experience.

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